Not just a page building tool.

A complete CMS that truly connects content and commerce.

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What makes Kooomo's CMS unique?

Flexible content without coding

Users can easily create purposeful, re-usable and field based content types

Uncompromised commerce + content

Create, edit, and delete content as well as schedule pages to publish/unpublish as needed

Showcase products through linked content

Link products in your website content to enrich marketing campaigns

No integration, no code, no limits

The CMS enables merchants to define flexible content types with the ease of drag and drop. This means that marketing and commerce are unified, and as campaigns and efforts grow, the platform provides the flexibility needed to adapt quickly - all without the need for additional development.
No integration, no code, no limits

A sensible approach to content

Content can be configured to enable the collection of text fields, dates, images, galleries, file attachments, address fields, field collections, linked content and select lists. You choose what content you want on your pages and the platform makes it happen. Simple.
A sensible approach to content

Different content for different audiences

All content can be localised on a single interface, making it easy to break into new markets. There's no need to replicate or create individual pages for each language. Simple load translated content/metatags into the CMS and your web visitors instantly get a localised experience.
Different content for different audiences

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