Our cloud-based technology allows for multiple API requests to be combined into scenarios - enriching experiences for both merchants and customers. You can visit the Kooomo open API by clicking the button below.

Visit the Kooomo open API

How can integrating existing systems through Kooomo’s API platform benefit your business?

Streamlined workflows

Automation means that all departments always have access to correct information, reducing errors and saving time on manual tasks.

Efficient Processes

Through real-time data, orders can be processed and distributed more efficiently.


Unique codes and tokens keeps the connection between the Kooomo platform and external systems safe.

Powering mobile apps

Mobile commerce is at the forefront of our eCommerce strategies. Using our API, you can manage all content on your business’ mobile app through the Kooomo platform.

Any changes made to your catalogue, are fed through to the mobile app - so there’s no need to manually manage multiple sales channels separately. All channels speak to each other, making the eCommerce manager’s life easier! 

Go mobile
Powering mobile apps

Integrate existing warehouse systems

If you’re managing orders within your central warehouse or multiple warehouses through an external system, data can easily be exchanged via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with Kooomo. This ensures zero disruption to existing processes within your warehousing system, while keeping the platform up to date with the latest order processing and dispatch information for users.

Integrate existing warehouse systems

Cross-Platform Shopping Carts

Shopping carts can be accessed across any platform (eShop, in-app) and on any device, creating a smooth customer experience. Users can easily ‘pick up where they left off’ from carts on one device to another. Authentication requirements mean that customers can’t access another customer’s order history or personal shopping cart.

Cross-Platform Shopping Carts

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