Some interesting videos of our platform.

Promotions External Partners - Remote Coupons

In this video (1'12") you'll se how costumers can use remote promotional/discount coupons given by external partners (Vodafone) in a brand's shopping cart (Yamamay).

Add products & checkout from an external site


This short video (0'21") shows how works the wishlist option for a logged-in user.

Different Payment Methods Per Zone

In this video (1'29") you'll see how works the payment manager section, where you can decide which kind of payment the client will see depending on the shipment address.

Ebay Integration

This 5 minutes video explains how to export products to ebay.

Fidelity Card - Points system

This two videos shos how works the online fidelity program: new registration, link an existing card to the customer's profile, earn and use points.

GestPay Integration

Video 1'.16". Top on Demand platform includes several payment methods to choose from: among others, GestPay.

Guest Checkout

Video 3'.45". Customers may enter an order and keep it tracked even if they are not formerly registered on the website.

Integration with external Logins

This video (1'08") shows how to add different front end login options from the admin panel.

Integration with UPS

Video 1'.18". Top on Demand platform includes several shipping methods to choose from: among others, UPS.

Load Last Cart

This video (56") shows the case in which a customer creates a cart before the login. The product(s) will not be lost as the system load the last cart after the login.

Login with Vkontakte

Video 2'45". Specific login for the Russian market, through their biggest social network.

New Arrivals

Video 1’01”. Highlights the latest arrivals and decide for how many days they are featured as “new products”

Order Automation

This video (2’58”) shows the workflow of all the orders. A search tool let you to filter orders per name, code, date, countries, status, product…

Registration, shipment and payment options (front end)

This is a demo (2’45”) with all registration and checkout possibilities.

Product Customisation from Facebook Tab

Through this video (1’46”) you’ll see how is possible to create new and unique shopping experiences, in a multi-channel logic.

Select Courier during checkout

Video 1’11”. You can have partnership with different couriers and give your customers the possibility to choose among them.

SEO rule for product urls

Video 1’49”. You can decide SEO rules for every url and language.

Warehouses per Zone

This video (1’50”) explains how to manage (in the back end) different warehouses - in case you have more than one - and how it works (in the front end) during the checkout.

Watch Promotions

Video 3’01”. Add a “watch promotion” button next to products, so customers can follow discounts applied on them.

Webservices for Mobile Applications

Video 2’18”. Thanks to the “new” APIs concept a brand can ask to any external agency to develop a “shopping” app for smartphones.

Zerogrey Passport

This video (1’30”) shows the opportunity for customers to register an account and use it to login in different e-stores managed by us.