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PSD2 and 3D Secure 2.0

We’re dedicated to keeping the Kooomo platform fully compliant with all EU eCommerce regulations and will continue to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their online stores are continuously optimised as new industry requirements inevitably emerge over time. The Kooomo eCommerce platform is 3D Secure 2.0 ready, and PSD2 compliant.

What is 3D Secure 2.0 and how is it different to 3D Secure?

Unlike 3D Secure Version 2 powers user authentication through biometric identification (for example fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scanning, etc.) and looks to eliminate reliance on static passwords that frankly no one ever remembered.

With 3D Secure 2.0 the initial enrollment process for users is eliminated, and in-app as well as mobile wallet payments can now be authenticated – something that 3D Secure never mastered. In short, 3D Secure 2.0 aims to remove the friction that caused many consumers to abandon their purchase and hopefully advocate more passive forms of authentication.

So with 3D Secure 2.0 merchants can implement a protocol to protect their online stores from fraud, and it will not be to the detriment of good shoppers.

Kooomo clients have both the front and back end capabilities to incorporate two-factor authentication into the checkout pages of their online stores, no matter what major payment gateway powers their operations (Adyen, Stripe, Global Payments, Realex, AmazonPay, etc.)

What is PSD2?

PSD2 is a Payment Services Directive by the countires that make up the EU. It directly relates to how consumers pay online, and how data is treated when payments are made. Under PSD2 regulations, stronger identity checks must take place, and merchants are able to retrieve account data from banks with the users' permission in order to make payments.

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