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The Kooomo platform is fully compliant with EU geoblocking regulations. 

What is geoblocking?

Geoblocking occurs when an online user is blocked from completing a transaction on a website in another country, based on nationality, residence, or place of establishment. So merchants can no longer block or redirect users to another online interface without their clear consent if they have the option to purchase from another version of the website - e.g. another language or currency (with exceptions). Geoblocking regulations were put in place to ensure price transparency for consumers.

What does geoblocking mean for online retailers?

Being required by law to sell your products to all EU countries isn’t as simple as enabling various currency options on your online store. Companies must split all sales by individual country. 

The Kooomo eCommerce platform has the built-in functionality to align with the geo-blocking requirements, as it supports multiple currencies, tax rates, and languages. It also allows users to easily integrate with online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

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