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ZeroGrey, Ricoh Spain's new partner for technology exchange and eCommerce services

Barcelona, 2 December 2020 - ZeroGrey, eCommerce experts, and Ricoh Spain, the leading technology company in digital services, have signed an agreement to provide high value-added eCommerce solutions to Ricoh customers in Spain and Europe.
Today, selling online is key to developing and sustaining great brands. However, the technologies, rules, and codes of eCommerce have never been as fast-changing as they are today and there is a growing demand for personalisation and agility in the user shopping experience.

Through this strategic collaboration, ZeroGrey – an international eCommerce agency with over 20 years of experience – and its sister company, Kooomo – Europe's leading eCommerce platform – offer Ricoh España and its customers new online business possibilities. With modular services adapted to their needs and a powerful platform, both companies provide highly competitive and profitable digital and operational responses, ensuring rapid implementation of eShops and scalability for projects born from scratch.

For Ricoh, the purpose of this collaboration is to reinforce its current range of eCommerce solutions, enhancing its role as an integrator of leading and specialised digital products and services to improve the customer experience.

According to Daniel Viniegra, CEO of ZeroGrey Spain, "This strategic partnership opens a door for ZeroGrey and Kooomo to the most important digital companies in Spain and Europe, while Ricoh will be able to benefit from collaborating with an eCommerce agency with great expertise in the sector, capable of providing value to its clients through its speed of implementation, flexibility, and competitiveness in terms of costs and structure. We are very proud to collaborate with a great reference of digital solutions worldwide as Ricoh is".

About ZeroGrey:

 ZeroGrey is an international eCommerce agency, with headquarters in Turin and attached offices in Barcelona, Dublin and New York. Its main mission is to develop and manage digital and logistics solutions for eShops. With 20 years of experience, a hundred professionals, more than 150 digital projects and the collaboration of dozens of partners, ZeroGrey strives to simplify the complexity of eCommerce and encourage brands to open their products to a global audience.

ZeroGrey is a certified partner of Kooomo (a company belonging to the same business group), a Cloud eCommerce SaaS platform, which offers a European alternative, from Barcelona to other well-known eCommerce solutions coming mostly from the USA. Using this platform to build their eShop, companies can easily manage each order from start to finish under the same roof.

ZeroGrey offers 360 degree solutions for medium and large businesses that want to enhance their digital strategy. To make this possible, ZeroGrey has four service pillars, including "Technology Implementation", which encompasses the implementation of the most advanced and complete technology on the market to eShops: the Kooomo platform; "Operations", which includes warehouse management, logistics, omnichannel solutions, store management and multilingual customer service; "Growth Hacking", based on all digital strategies to maximise sales; and its Trojan horse, the "Merchant of Record", an international collection and order management service which handles invoicing, distribution, VAT and tax compliance and fraud prevention, allowing companies to sell globally without any risk.

More information about ZeroGrey:

About Ricoh

Ricoh is a leader in digital services, using innovative technologies that make it easier for people to work smarter. For over 80 years, Ricoh has driven innovation and now helps businesses successfully adapt to new ways of working by offering digital solutions in four key areas: Digital Workplace, to improve the user experience for both face-to-face and remote work; Digital Business Solutions, to enhance the customer experience with intelligent solutions that improve business agility and productivity; Hybrid Cloud, to modernise IT infrastructure and adapt it to new challenges; and Security, to ensure the security, integrity and protection of all information.


Headquartered in Tokyo, the group operates in some 200 countries and regions. In the fiscal year ending March 2020, the Ricoh Group's worldwide sales totalled 2,008 billion yen (milioni di euro). Ricoh Spain and Portugal began operations more than three decades ago. Today, the company, with headquarters in Alcobendas (Madrid) and Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), has 17 branches, 2,000 professionals, more than 100 distributors and 50,000 customers.

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