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VE Global

Ve Global Overview

Ve Interactive is a global tech company, founded in London in 2009 by David Brown, Digital Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Winner of numerous awards in the field Digital, with 31 offices worldwide and more than 10,000 customers, Ve is a leading developer of e-commerce solutions and efficiency ADV online, with the goal of increasing your online conversions. The technologies developed by Ve aim to acquire potential customers, Engage and Convert all users who remain anonymous in every phase of purchase. It was able to decrease the bounce rate, engage users during check-out process, retrieve real-time abandoned carts, retargettizzare site visitors in RTB and create profile in programmatic traffic. All in a single platform: the VePlatform. The philosophy of Ve is the remuneration to the CPA, performance with no activation fee: The fee is paid only on a trolley recovered and actually cashed.