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Kooomo has created a B2B eCommerce website, which enables companies to purchase Covid-19 protective equipment - allowing companies to provide safer working conditions

Kooomo is delighted to announce the launch of the website. This initiative aims to distribute protective equipment to Catalan companies, - minimising risks to their employees and allowing for greater productivity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new MerCovid19 platform is exclusively aimed at companies and corporations, allowing them to purchase everything from masks, thermometers and hand sanitizing gels, to protective suits and pulse oximeters. These are all preventive products that allow employees to work with greater peace of mind, reducing the risk of infection.

Speaking on the announcement, Daniel Viniegra, Head of Growth, Spain/France at Kooomo, says “Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona needed a quick turnaround on a project like this - and we’re honoured to offer up our knowledge and technology, to get this equipment on the market for the good of the Catalonian businesses and people.”

Barcelona Tech City, the association of technological and digital companies that represents over 1,000 companies and of which ZeroGrey (Kooomos' sister company) is a Corporate Partner, has made the contact between Kooomo and the Chamber of Commerce of Catalonia possible. The latter quickly accepted Kooomos' proposal in order to give rise to the creation of this new project and make it known to the public. 

Through this initiative, we hope to inspire other companies and public entities nationally and internationally - to work together on similar projects that may improve the economy of each community.

According to Ciaran Bollard, CEO of Kooomo, “The whole team at Kooomo has gone above and beyond to be able to carry out this project - our quickest platform launch to date with a turnaround of just one week.  It is great to be able to give something back and protecting companies and employee's is a critical part of getting us all back to work and restoring some level of ‘normality’. We have reached out and offered the same service to both the Irish and UK governments and hope to work with them soon.”

MerCovid19 was created and launched rapidly due to Kooomo’s Cloud-based SaaS eCommerce platform. Its "Full-Stack" technology and eco-system of 200 integrated partners, made it possible to design a powerful platform in a short time.

Kooomo is committed to supporting eCommerce projects, deploying their knowledge and technology to recently set up relief schemes for retailers, so that other companies can benefit and strengthen themselves during these uncertain economic times.

About Kooomo:

Kooomo is a next-generation platform that is truly redefining digital commerce by offering the best in class, international platform. Disrupting the marketplace with its affordable setup and flexible pricing, agility and speed to market. Recognised by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, Kooomo is a cloud commerce platform built for global eCommerce businesses. We help turbo boost sales through all channels under one platform, online store, in-store, marketplaces and B2B. The full stack of technology needed to deliver a 360-degree digital commerce solution which is integrated with an ecosystem of over 200 partners to future proof your business.

With 17 years of international eCommerce experience powering over 1 billion transactions, Kooomo has been built to integrate with the systems you already use, allowing complex projects to be delivered in six weeks using our Magento switching toolkit.

Kooomo is trusted by medium and large enterprises such as Morrisons, Umbro, Mothercare, Havaianas, MotoGP, Blauer USA, Butlers Chocolates, Blundstone, amongst many others. Any company can be up and trading globally - supporting all currencies and VAT rates, across all sales channels within 3 months. For further information, visit