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Kooomo showcases the very best in eCommerce technology through website reskin

Newly improved design and feel will streamline the user experience for new and existing customers while highlighting the benefits to global retailers

Global eCommerce platform Kooomo has reskinned its website using its own Content Management System, to improve the User Experience (UX) for visitors and to demonstrate how easy it is for retailers to update the content in their own online stores. The Kooomo CMS (Content Management System) was built to operate alongside the Kooomo eCommerce Platform, essentially providing everything needed to operate an online store in one place. The result is a more accessible and visually pleasing site for new and existing customers, through which all content can be easily managed at the backend by content editors.

 Kooomo’s strategy has always been to treat the company website as a storefront for showcasing the unique benefits of its eCommerce platform and it has continually improved the site’s ease-of-use, simplicity and clear messaging to support the expectations of visitors. The objective was to create more engaging, digestible content that gets the user to the information they need as quickly and smoothly as possible, improving the UX and winning new customers.

 Ciaran Bollard, CEO at Kooomo says, “We have seen a growing demand for the Kooomo platform over these last few months, as retailers turn to the latest eCommerce solutions to overcome the challenges of coronavirus in the run up to Christmas. In response to this demand, we decided to modernise the look and feel of our company website in the exact way customers would be able to modify their own online stores through our integrated Content Management System (CMS).”

 Having a CMS built-into the Kooomo platform allows a seamless combination of commerce and content and this is something other platforms lack. The CMS is well-suited to modular website design and the company was keen to leverage this by building a flexible site using standardised, reusable components that can be easily managed by content editors from the backend.


The design and build process began by combining components to create pages, without anyone needing to write any lines of code, and dropdown fields were used to quickly change colour schemes and layouts, giving content editors increased flexibility. Kooomo’s front end team built the site using an updated starter theme, which includes new JavaScript and SASS features.

 Ciaran adds, “We took this project as an opportunity to push the functionality of the platform by practising new techniques and using a new skeleton theme to streamline the experience for the backend user. Now we have successfully completed the reskin, we are delighted to be able to pass these new features onto our customers.” 

 He concludes, “At Kooomo, we practice what we preach when it comes to UX and content, and we believe that simplicity is best. We always want our messaging to be easy to understand and straight to the point, so it encourages visitors to reach out to us for further information. Hopefully the reskin proves the capabilities of our innovative technology and we can continue to support more retailers with the eCommerce solutions they need to succeed in this unprecedented Golden Quarter.”



About Kooomo:

Kooomo is Europe’s leading eCommerce platform delivering increased sales and efficiencies with one solution for all sales channels. Kooomo is disrupting the marketplace with its affordable setup, agility and speed to market. Recognised by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce; Kooomo connects your products with your customers online, in-store and through marketplaces. The full stack of technology needed to deliver a 360-degree digital commerce solution which is integrated with an eco-system of over 200 partners to future proof your business.

Kooomo is trusted by international brands through to SMEs such as Morrisons, Umbro, SMEG, Heinz, Blauer USA, MotoGP, Avoca amongst many others. Kooomo understands the unique challenges of selling internationally by supporting multiple languages, currencies & VAT rates so there is no need to adopt multiple storefronts. For further information, visit: