With so many solution providers on the market, what often happens is that businesses either underestimate or overestimate their predicted return on investment when choosing a digital commerce platform. Such was the situation that renowned sportswear retailer Slam found themselves in back in 2014.

Understanding the huge potential of digital commerce on their business, Slam launched their first ever online store in 2014 with Magento, but, over time, noticed that there was hardly saw any uplift in sales. The brand also experienced serious issues with stock levels, meaning that orders sometimes took up to three weeks to process.


Making the Switch

Having been recommended Kooomo, Slam made the decision to switch their digital commerce platform.

Within 12 weeks, all existing data was migrated over to the Kooomo platform, the new and improved Slam online store was up and running and the business was seeing an increase in conversions within a matter of days of going live.

The Results

Now, all orders are processed and dispatched within 1 day, thanks to powerful customer service, billing and invoicing tools within the Kooomo platform. Stock is also updated in real-time, so the business has full visibility on inventory levels, as well as the status of delivery and returns, providing valuable insights for further optimization.


Key Outcomes


ROI in 14 months

6 figure

sales within first 6 months

Shipping to 40 countries
Shipping to 40 countries

New Markets

Utilizing Kooomo's in-house value-added services, Slam was also able to maximise previously unidentified markets through SEO, display, and social media campaigns, achieving 30% of annual sales targets in a single promotional period, and growing the USA to become the business 'third highest-performing market.

3x return on investment

We are simply delighted that we made the switch from Magento to Kooomo. We would be delighted to recommend them as a serious and solid digital commerce partner.

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