It’s well into the depths of lockdown 2.0, and while life might be standing still, our development team has been buzzing with exciting new developments to the platform. This month, our experts have been honing in on the customer experience, coming up with innovating ways to make life easier for both merchants and consumers…

Let’s take a look at what’s new this month…

Movement Panel Adapted to Work with Expiry Dates

The platform has now been adapted to consider expiry dates in terms of the merchants’ inventory – When a merchant creates a movement there is now an option to assign an expiry date and a batch reference number for the products. 

When the expiry date of a movement has passed, the stock will be updated and removed from, say “available” for example.  This will be of use to merchants where they have time-sensitive stock available for example, limited-time offerings etc. The stock is removed from visibility in the front end remaining available to view by the merchant in the back end to ensure accurate stock management. 

New Size Charts Available to Consumers

Per the request of a specific client, size charts have now been updated with the ability to jump between metrics (cm/inches) depending on what the brand wants to show and what the customer might be familiar with.

While this has been a specific, requested update, the code can be reused or modified in various ways to be implemented on other merchants’ stores with some development involved. Consumers can therefore shop with increased confidence as they are provided with further context on their garments – improving the CX and reducing the likelihood of returns.

Progress bar for free shipping

A brand new feature we have implemented is the “Free shipping progress bar”. 

This is visible on the front end throughout the entirety of the customer journey from the time they begin loading their cart. It provides a live status to the customer as to how close their order is to qualifying for free shipping.

This will be a major benefit to merchants as it acts as a subtle nudge for the customer to add more items to their cart. This should encourage increased spending and also improves the CX in terms of continuous clarity – removing the need to “view basket” and return to shopping should they wish to add more. 

Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general?  We’d be delighted to help – Simply get in touch with the team here.