Welcome back for another helping of Kooomo platform updates! In case you haven’t already heard, our team of in-house developers consistently update our technology every three weeks, making sure that clients and partners are getting the most out of the features and functionality that are built into the platform. 
Here’s an overview of the latest improvements that are now available in the Kooomo platform.

Intuitive Partner Demo Accounts

In our last update, we introduced our new partner dashboards to the Kooomo platform. This enables agency partners to easily build development stores to both familiarise themselves with the platform itself, but also to build proofs of concept for potential clients.

Now, we’ve added an intuitive layer to the merchant wizard, whereby default languages and currencies are automatically selected based on the partner’s address. For example, if a partner’s address is entered into the system with ‘Switzerland’ as the chosen country, then English, German, and French will automatically be configured as the default languages for the store, and Swiss Franc will automatically be chosen as the default currency.  Users can choose to further update these settings as required within the Merchant wizard. 

The intuitive functionality makes it easy for partners to demonstrate hyper-relevant content to potential clients, as well as showcase the multi-language and multi-currency capabilities of the platform,, without ever having to create multiple storefronts.