Consumer behaviour, eGrocery and resilient companies – Here are our top five blogs of 2020. No one could have predicted the way eCommerce would take off in the last year – while we took time last January to review the previous decade, a life-changing event was brewing, waiting to catapult online services to the front line. 

Since then, we’ve kept up with changes to consumer behaviour, supply and demand challenges, how our clients overcame the pandemic and future predictions based on all of the above. In case you missed them, or want to read them again, here are our five most-read articles of 2020.

1. How Covid-19 impacts search and changed consumer behaviour

Coronavirus has impacted all areas of consumer behaviour – changing our daily life massively. Working from home, self-isolating and social distancing are only a few aspects that have been put into action as emergency measures.

In late March, we discussed how Coronavirus has impacted internet searches and changes in consumer behaviour.

2. eCommerce: A decade in review

A new year brought the beginning of a new decade.
At the time, we had no idea what the future held for 2020, alas we looked back on the last 10 years and how far we have come.

3. The future of eGrocery and the Kooomo Pick & Pack app

As COVID exposed weaknesses in the eGrocery sector and demands continued to soar with increased restrictions, we turned our attention to the future of online grocery shopping. Hoping to simplify the processes that come with it, we developed the Kooomo Pick and Pack app – of which, you can find a full breakdown here.

4.  Stories of resilient companies: Interview with Alessio Berdini, Fabi Shoes eCommerce manager

“Stories of resilient companies” went live in late April – a selection of business stories that have come to fruition amidst the pandemic. 
Alessio Berdini, Fabi Boutique eCommerce manager, was the first to contribute to our series, talking us through a difficult transition period and innovative new projects.

5. 6 eCommerce Predictions for 2021

As a result of the pandemic, eCommerce has been hurled 5 years ahead of its time, forcing bricks and mortar-only retailers to bite the bullet and put digital transformation at the top of their agenda. Additionally, online retailers have had to respond to the immediate, and unprecedented changes to consumer behaviour at the hands of COVID-19. 

With that in mind, we put together our eCommerce predictions for 2021, from D2C strategies to augmented reality.

It was a crazy year, with every aspect of both traditional and digital commerce challenged, magnified or adapted – we’re looking to 2021 with the hope that the COVID storm subsides and confident that more retailers will continue to overcome it in new and innovative ways – keep an eye on the Kooomo blog as we continue to review, report and share our expertise on matters as they arise.