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Making eCommerce easier: Kooomo introduces updates to improve both customer and user experience

eCommerce platform Kooomo announces its latest platform updates

Global eCommerce platform, Kooomo has revealed a catalogue of upgrades, expanding its service offering, and strengthening its position as one of Europe’s leading online eCommerce platforms.

 Ciaran Bollard, CEO, Kooomo says, “We are continually updating our platform and our development team are phenomenal at ensuring the site is constantly being revised, allowing Kooomo to deliver exceptional service. Our new B2B approach allows merchants to manage both sides of their business and manage queries via our new contact form, while the CMS highlighter enables real time website edits saving valuable time and eliminating back-end site navigation. We strive to deliver the best in eCommerce and our latest platform updates reflect this.”

 Kooomo outlines its latest updates:

1.     Client data collection form
Merchants can now manage queries with our new “Request for Communication” form. Consumers can choose a product they wish to be contacted for (for example, an item that might need correct measurements etc). They will then be provided with a form that includes contact details and a system to schedule their call. Merchants will be able to manage these requests in the “contact requests” where all data is stored and easy to manage.

 This offering has been created for a specific Kooomo merchant but can be enabled on request with some coding required to set up the “contact request” panel.

 2.     CMS Highlighter - first release

We’re very excited to announce our CMS Highlighter with the first release coming this April 2021. Using this tool, merchants can quickly target and edit the content on their website. Simply hover your mouse over sections of your web page until the edit icons appear - from here you can either edit directly on the front end of your site or, for some parent sections, it will bring you directly to the correct CMS section to edit. 

 This can save time for merchants and their teams by removing the need to trawl through the back-end of their site to make quick edits and reduce training requirements for their teams.


3.     Send a transactional email with an invoice attached


This is a new feature that can be activated in the back end of a merchant’s CMS.

When a new invoice is created, either manually or by automation, an email will be sent to the customer with the invoice attached. It will be triggered whenever the invoice is created. We have created a template email, which will automatically be created for new merchants joining the platform. This will provide further clarity for our merchant’s customers allowing for a smooth and positive customer experience (CX).

4.     New B2B Approach

There is now a separate view for B2B and B2C users available from the same storefront.

If a merchant operates in both B2B and B2C capacities, there can now be separate management of the CMS to ensure both strands of the business enjoy the best possible CX. This will automatically take separate prices and discounts into consideration depending on whether the customer signs in as a B2B or B2C user. This will make it easier for merchants to manage both sides of their business.

If you’d like to discover more about these specific platform updates, or more about the Kooomo platform in general, get in touch with the team here.


About Kooomo:

Kooomo is Europe’s leading eCommerce platform for expanding businesses. With over two decades of eCommerce experience, Kooomo delivers solutions to medium and large enterprise customers that are quick to market, affordable and international, helping clients achieve maximum global digital sales while powering their online stores from end to end.

Headquartered in Dublin, and with offices across Europe, Kooomo simplifies online retail by connecting sales channels, including online, in-store and via marketplaces to create the best possible experience for both its clients and their customers. This, combined with a powerful built-in CMS that connects content and commerce, means that retailers and brands can provide customers with a dynamic, personalised shopping experience. Driven by merchant demand, the Kooomo platform delivers a 360-degree digital commerce solution which is integrated with an eco-system of over 200 partners. 

Kooomo is trusted by world-renowned brands such as Morrisons, Umbro, SMEG, Kraft Heinz, Blauer USA, MotoGP, Avoca, Butlers chocolates amongst many others. For further information, visit: www.kooomo.com