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Kooomo announces new payment methods and products per customer, further advancing retailers’ offering

eCommerce platform Kooomo reveals its latest platform updates

Global eCommerce platform, Kooomo, has today announced a list of updates to its platform, which improve the experience for both the retailer and its end customers enabling retailers to focus on customer experience and competitiveness. 

Ciaran Bollard, CEO, Kooomo says, “we are constantly assessing the retail landscape and looking for ways that we can make the lives of our customers’ easier, while also enabling them to provide their end customers with an unrivalled experience. Our team of developers are therefore consistently working on platform updates, with the latest batch helping retailers to combine online and offline payments, make specific products only visible to particular user groups, and delivering an improved mobile-first experience.”

Kooomo outlines its latest updates:


1. Implementation of alternative payment method, Via Cash
Via Cash is the latest alternative payment method Kooomo has added to the platform. Channeling its passion for omnichannel solutions, Via Cash offers customers the option to pay for their item in person at a select retail outlet. The order is completed with a barcode being sent to the customer, with the order confirmation via PDF, SMS or Apple Wallet. The customer then simply scans the barcode at the checkout of one of Kooomo’s retail partners and pays for their purchase. This enables retailers to combine online shopping with an offline payment all while offering consumers the peace of mind that there is no disclosure of sensitive account or credit card information.

For customers, this means that they do not need to search for an ATM because the basic banking needs can be easily met with Via Cash en route. It also means that they can benefit from the generous opening hours of supermarkets, drugstores, hardware stores (available only in Germany), and ticket machines (available only in Switzerland).

2. Delivering products per cluster
Kooomo customers are now able to relate specific products to different user groups. This means retailers can make products visible to particular user groups through a new tab in the CMS called “Clusters of Users”. This will be especially useful for those working in B2B eCommerce as, for example, the function can be set so that only particular products can be made available to B2B users only.

The B2B module works within the same theme as B2C - the B2B module will appear based on the customer’s user typology. All customers in the B2C site will go into a default customer group. Once B2B customers have been passed through a retailer’s approval stages into the B2B group, they will see new options tailored and only available to them.

In the CMS, retailers can then configure which products are seen by particular groups. Kooomo’s promotions work based on similar technology too - so retailers can run special promotions for B2B customers. For example, if there’s a group that gets a percentage off the full price, retailers can manage those promotions and drive them to groups of customers instead of individual customers.

 If you’d like to discover more about these specific platform updates, or more about the Kooomo platform in general, get in touch with the team here.


 About Kooomo:

Kooomo is a global eCommerce platform that is truly redefining digital commerce by offering the best in class, international platform. Kooomo is disrupting the marketplace with its affordable setup and flexible pricing, agility and speed to market. Recognised by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, Kooomo is a cloud commerce platform built for global eCommerce businesses. It connects your products with your customers online, in-store and through marketplaces. The full stack of technology needed to deliver a 360-degree digital commerce solution which is integrated with an eco-system of over 200 partners to future proof your business.

With 17 years of international eCommerce experience powering over 1 billion transactions, Kooomo has been built to integrate with the systems you already use, allowing complex projects to be delivered in six weeks using our Magento switching toolkit.

Kooomo is trusted by international brands through to SMEs such as Morrisons, Umbro, Mothercare, Havaianas, La Sportiva, Blauer, amongst many others. Any company can be up and trading globally - supporting all currencies and VAT rates, across all sales channels within six weeks. For further information, visit: www.kooomo.com.