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How can Kooomo help me to sell more?

Beeing: Sales = Conversion Rate * Traffic * Average order

With Kooomo you can benefit in every factor of the multiplication:
Conversion rate: with an easy CMS you can optimize the message, with a proved order process you benefit from millions of transaction, with a stable environment you don’t have to worry about the platform, with an easy HTML engine you can improve your site continuously, with easy integration you can work with external apps, with Kooomo complete order feature you can recall users who have not paid.

Traffic: with a strong SEO engine you can maximize your listings, with easy integration you can work with external apps to optimize your traffic, with feeds you can increase your sources, with full integration with Analytics tools you can improve your buying, with easy HTML you can create effective landing pages within the platform, with SAAS model you don’t have to worry about peaks or site speed.

Average order: with the promotion engine you can bundle products or propose to add in the cart, with free shipping at a price you can push for a higher order, with external partner integration you can work on price and AI to better drive the selling cycle.