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Kooomo announces platform updates to improve the eCommerce payment process and enhance data analytics

Global eCommerce platform, Kooomo, has today announced further updates to its platform, including new payment methods, the latest data analysis tools for Google Analytics and Channable marketplace integration.

Kooomo outlines its latest updates:

1.     SeQura

As we endeavour to diversify the payment methods available on the platform, we have now added Sequra to the back end of Kooomo. This payment method, which allows customers to make purchases in instalments, can be added to an online store by the merchant and can be offered depending on the country of purchase.

 Customers can choose between different payment plans, and if they are not happy with their purchase, can return items, cancel subsequent payments and be refunded. For more information see Sequre.es.

2.     Channable

Channable is another marketplace connector we have implemented in order to maximise the sales channels available to our clients. Channable, allows you to import your products, modify that data and send the modified product data to a wide variety of channels. These channels include advertising networks, affiliate networks, comparison shopping engines and more. This can now be fully configured in the back end of the platform, simplifying the processes by which products are updated on store, such as Google Marketplace - including the ability to customise descriptions, labels and even select which products are visible on the marketplace.

3.     Core B2B Booking System

This booking system has been implemented to allow customers to request a callback via a merchant’s website. This is ready to deploy for Kooomo clients on request. It was created for B2B merchants in particular who may need to discuss items like queries, but it can be implemented for B2C in the same way.

 By activating the Booking System, a calendar is enabled on the front end. From there, customers can book in their desired date and time for a call. Merchants can then manage these bookings in the back-end.

4.     GA4 - New Google Analytics Tracking Method

We have updated our coding in order to introduce the latest version of Google Analytics GA4. With GA4, the aim is to make it easier to track both mobile and web properties under one roof. Retailers can automatically collect data from their site on scrolling, outbound clicks, video engagement, file downloads, and more.

 This is useful for tracking new consumer behaviours, retargeting once a customer has made a purchase and simplified debugging. We have updated our coding to allow for this to be implemented on a site at the request of a client.

Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general?  Get in touch with the team here.

About Kooomo:

Kooomo is Europe’s leading eCommerce platform for expanding businesses. With over two decades of eCommerce experience, Kooomo delivers solutions to medium and large enterprise customers that are quick to market, affordable and international, helping clients achieve maximum global digital sales while powering their online stores from end to end.

Headquartered in Dublin, and with offices across Europe, Kooomo simplifies online retail by connecting sales channels, including online, in-store and via marketplaces to create the best possible experience for both its clients and their customers. This, combined with a powerful built-in CMS that connects content and commerce, means that retailers and brands can provide customers with a dynamic, personalised shopping experience. Driven by merchant demand, the Kooomo platform delivers a 360-degree digital commerce solution which is integrated with an eco-system of over 200 partners.

Kooomo is trusted by world-renowned brands such as Morrisons, Umbro, SMEG, Kraft Heinz, Blauer USA, MotoGP, Avoca, Butlers chocolates amongst many others. For further information, visit: www.kooomo.com.