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What Kooomo is offering

Kooomo are thrilled to announce that they are waiving their set up fees in a bid to help bricks and mortar retailers get set up online.

Late last week, the Irish Government announced that €1 billion of support was now ready for COVID-19 impacted SMEs - Kooomo has created the aid scheme in conjunction with this to mitigate the risks to these retailers that have come about due to Covid19.

With the world pulling together, and eCommerce becoming recognised as a lifeline to many retailers now is the time for Kooomo to open the door and ensure retailers can make it through this difficult period.

See more information and find out how Kooomo can help get your business online here -
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What retailers are doing to help during these difficult time

Coronavirus has certainly forced businesses to make big decisions over a very short space of time – with the ability to engage in normal shopping practices swiftly removed and adaption required immediately. What does this mean for consumers and their recent purchases?

We’re looking into the retailers who have made these extensions, the positive and negative outcomes and how retailers can regain control of this area when normality returns.

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How retailers can manage distribution during lockdown
Recently, Amazon announced it would no longer ship what it considers to be non-essential items in France and Italy. A decision taken to allow for fulfilment centres to focus on receiving and shipping the products customers need most at this time such as medical supplies and essential cleaning products. Is this a time to consider an eCommerce store and begin becoming independent of the giant?

We discuss alternative distribution options that retailers should bare in mind following the pandemic here -
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How Covid-19 impacts search and change consumer behavior
Coronavirus has undoubtedly taken everybody by surprise – impacting all areas of consumer behaviour. Our daily life as we know it has massively changed. Working from home, self-isolating and social distancing are only a few aspects that have been put into action as emergency measures.We will discuss about how Coronavirus impacts internet searches and changes consumer behaviour. 

Let’s have a look at the most important changes so far:
SEO tips during Covid-19
Coronavirus is definitely a tough experience for consumers and retailers alike. At the moment, one-third of the world’s population is under lockdown due to the pandemic and, in this time of isolation, consumers are still browsing online and continuing to absorb content. A study from Global Web Index shows that  67% are watching more news coverage. We will answer questions that may be on the mind of SEO professionals, such as: How Coronavirus has impacted the SEO Metrics of my campaign or Should I change my SEO strategy?  Our aim is to provide examples and best practices for improving organic traffic and your digital strategy.

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