The future of shopping consists of online e-commerce. With more than 3 million Internet users and more than 1 billion websites, there’s an endless number of opportunities on the Web.

Due to these facts, it is not enough only to launch an e-store, as it takes hundreds of hours of hard work to build an intuitive e-commerce website that could start bringing profit. The most important part of an online business is to turn your e-commerce customers into loyal ones.

How to keep your customers loyal?

Understanding their e-commerce needs. Customers answer far better when they are valued as true customer engagement. If you demonstrate that you cherish the people who make your company a success, your customers will reciprocate.

What do your customers need in a website?

There are more key features that are mandatory for the success of an e-commerce website: graphic design, website speed, content.

The design of your e-commerce website is your business card and it shows customers how much you care about your business. Your e-commerce store design matters and user- friendly design helps you sell more.

Speed of your website store

A delay of every second count when visiting a  new website.

47% of the e-commerce customers expect a website to load within 2 seconds and 40% are abandoning it if it takes more seconds to load? A delay of every second result in a reduction of at least 7% in your overall conversion rate. The e-commerce websites that Kooomo is managing are proven to be fast.  Do you want to read more about our most successful websites? Check our case studies here.

How do you persuade a customer to purchase from your store in 10 seconds?

It all depends on your product page to make the customer do a purchase. Product pages should contain detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, frequently asked questions and information about the shipment.

The virtual shopping cart and checkout process

 6 out of 7 reasons for shopping cart abandonment are directly linked to faults in the virtual shopping cart and checkout process. Unexpected shipping cost, limited payment methods, limited shipping options, unsecured payment system, compulsory sign up required, long checkout forms, unhelpful shopping cart, everything is linked to your shopping cart and the checkout process itself. That’s why it’s very important to build an easy checkout page.