Since it was founded in 2000, the Kooomo core technology has processed billions of transactions worldwide

We established ourselves as a cloud commerce solution early on, providing the digital backbone for some of the world’s biggest fashion and luxury brands.
For over 16 years we have been learning and growing together with our customers. Each and every project has helped shape what Kooomo is today: an award-winning SaaS commerce platform, selected by Gartner as ‘Cool Vendor’ for 2016, proud to be powering over 350 international brands.

We are a truly international team, with 75 employees across 4 continents, working together to help grow your business.

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Kooomo was the proprietary platform of Zerogrey Ltd, a full-service ecommerce provider, until 2010, when the decision was made to deliver it independently. The team behind the platform consist of 75 people located in 5 offices across 4 continents, headed by the original founders of the company. We are a passionate team, dedicated to delivering a disruptive approach in a fast-growing industry, whilst maintaining an "implementation first" approach to producing state of the art projects.

Our proprietary International eCommerce platform

is geo-localised in 15 languages

It has an engine dedicated to managing price lists, information, promotions, warehouses, distributors, invoicing system according to the region, without the usual limits of eCommerce software.

Our clients can choose

To take the technology platform as a standalone software platform, building their knowledge and Partnerships in an independent way. Alternatively they can take advantage of our eKO System of Partners who support our clients’ projects with their experience.

Kooomo does not just provide the technology for eShops

But offers to its Clients a network of Experts with great knowledge and experience, who can help to align projects with the market revolution we are experiencing.

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Since its inception in 2000, Kooomo has been a SaaS. The architecture has grown following technological advancements, including cloud architecture, agile development, microservices and bimodal approach. Kooomo is the result of a learn by doing and daily testing methodology, serving millions of final users successfully. Kooomo now includes new functional releases every 3 weeks because we know how fast the market is changing and how fast a software should include new instruments to react.


Having a European customers base from the very beginning meant it was crucial that the Kooomo technology contained the core functionalities needed to cope with international complexity, including multi-language, multi-currency, etc. This competitive advantage has been incorporated into all of our strategies since then, hiring an international team, opening branches on different continents and working in different legislations. All these multiple facets are included in an easy to use software that has been localized in many different geographies, whilst grouping the information in one place.


Kooomo has been the software of choice for enterprise level organizations for a number of years, handling the varied complexities that they demand. For that reason, we have developed a solution that manages very detailed implementations, organizes users by roles and distributes information organically.
We understand that users are technology ambassadors and wanted to create a bridge between complex enterprise software and user friendly applications. Kooomo is the result of this, including wizards, meaningful explanations and a whole host of experts that can help deliver answers in a complex environment.