On Top of the World

On Top of the World

La Sportiva reaches new heights in brand experience with Kooomo


La Sportiva was born in 1928 when its founder, Narciso Delladio, began hand-crafting wooden clogs and leather boots for the farmers and lumber-jacks who worked in the surrounding Italian Alps.

The demand for Narciso’s boots grew after the war and his reputation would soon cross the borders of the neighbouring valleys. His knowledge of the craft and passion for innovation would run from generation to generation, through the 1950s when his son, Francesco, joined the business and the 1970s when Francesco’s sons Lorenzo, Luciano and Marco began working for the company.

Today, La Sportiva produces the world’s leading climbing and mountaineering shoes, as well as specialised hiking shoes, mountain running shoes, skimountaineering boots and technical outdoor clothing for climbers and mountaineers. They now employ approximately 280 staff and are still proud to call the Dolomites home.

Since 2016, La Sportiva has gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards while also increasing their digital sales by an average of 33% year on year.


The Challenge

La Sportiva has 4 brand stores in Italy and Spain and distributes to more than 70 countries worldwide. In 2016, it had a website that was content-rich and ranked well, with 140k monthly sessions. What it needed was an eCommerce platform that could launch quickly to build upon its rising global reputation and make it easier for its international customers to purchase online.

Luca Mich, La Sportiva Marketing Coordinator explains, “the challenge was to completely rebuild and quickly launch the new website without losing any traffic. Our marketing team are not HTML specialists Our marketing team are not HTML specialists but Kooomo provided us with a platform that was easy to use and saved us a lot of time and resources. We investigated a number of companies and spoke to lots of agencies but we decided upon the Kooomo SaaS cloud platform because it would get us to market fast. Better yet, without the need to spend on IT infrastructure, as it is truly an out-of-the-box solution, we were able to dramatically reduce the launch costs.”


“Since coming on board with Kooomo we haven’t looked back - year on year our online revenue has increased by 33%! Thanks to a highly successful marketing strategy we’ve also increased our online traffic by 29% year on year since 2017”

Luca Mich, La Sportiva Operation Marketing Manager

The Results

La Sportiva’s top 5 markets are Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Spain, and its website launched in 5 languages; English, Italian, German, Spanish and French in order to deliver the best brand experience to its customers, wherever they happen to be.

“We can access the Kooomo platform anytime, anywhere. The dashboard is easy to use and gives instant access to statistics so we’re able to see which markets we’re doing well in, and those ones that are ready for further growth”, explains Luca.

La Sportiva Web Marketing Operations Specialist, Francesco Trenti agrees, “Kooomo has helped us increase our brand awareness with site visits growing every month. Compared to the same month last year, organic traffic has increased by over 500% from Germany and 120% from France. Since going live we have already shipped to approximately 50 countries from Sweden to Slovakia, Iceland and Australia.”

One-Click Integrations

Francesco explains how the Kooomo integration partner, PVS , has empowered La Sportiva to efficiently fulfil orders: “Our warehouse is managed by PVS which has been a real time-saver. When we receive an order, it’s automatically forwarded to PVS to pick, pack and ship it for us.

Francesco Trenti, Web Marketing Operations Specialist has been impressed with another app integration called Feedaty which helps him to manage customer feedback and enquiries: “With Feedaty, customers can rate and leave feedback on their shopping experience and review the products. This helps us to respond quickly and shape how we do business in the future.”



The Future

In 2016, Lorenzo Delladio, La Sportiva CEO and President was awarded the honour of “Knight of the National Order of Merit” for conducting the family business with an eco-sustainable approach and maintaining the company’s social responsibilities towards the environment. The principle of sustainability runs throughout the business and is a key to La Sportiva's success to date.

“The future for La Sportiva is about sustainable growth. We plan to add to the online team and establish our footprint worldwide. Our ambition is to communicate our unique brand identity through a great online experience. By doing this, we forecast a growth in turnover and we expect Kooomo to be an integral part of this.” Francesco Trenti, Web Marketing Operations Specialist.

In 2017, the company went on to receive the ‘’Save the Brand’’ prize - an award for “Made in Italy” brands for Digital Experience Activities online.


We decided upon the Kooomo SaaS cloud platform because it would get us to market faster. Better yet, without the need to spend on IT infrastructure, as it is truly an out-of-the-box solution, we were able to dramatically reduce the launch costs.
Luca Mich - Marketing Coordinator, La Sportiva

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