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What we do

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What we do and why we do it
How can Kooomo help you achieve growth in your online trade, and why we are the best eCommerce platform for cross border trade.

Our team started its eCommerce experience in the year 2000

And has grown focusing its knowledge on the Kooomo system. We embraced the challenges of eCommerce offering a SaaS as early as internet speeds allowed transactions to take place and have never failed to adapt to the many changes brought about by developments in computing, ever increasing internet speed and an ever more demanding consumer expectation. Offering our services to fashion and luxury brands, we felt the need to extend beyond the borders of a national market, to trade internationally. Our goal is to allow our Clients to support their sale activity at a global level. We aim to automate technology and processes, scaling our clients’ brands on an international stage with a consistency of consumer experience that already applied locally.

Today the experience we have gained is unrivaled

More than 15 years serving hundreds of brands both large and small. Brands that have sought to and succeeded in crossing borders for the first time, together with established Global brands looking to extend their reach further, unifying their operations to establish and maintain a consistent consumer experience in all the markets they seek to engage their customers.

Our proprietary International eCommerce platform is geo-localised in 15 languages

And allows the delivery of product information and content in a wide range of languages, supporting all currencies and with rich, localised media and a limitless, zoned promotions management tool. It has an engine dedicated to managing price lists, information, promotions, warehouses, distributors, invoicing system according to the region, without the usual limits of eCommerce software.

Our clients can choose

To take the technology platform as a standalone software platform, building their knowledge and Partnerships in an independent way. Alternatively they can take advantage of our eKO System of Partners who support our clients’ projects with their experience.

Kooomo does not just provide the technology for eShops

But offers to its Clients a network of Partners with great knowledge and experience, who can help to align projects with the market revolution we are experiencing.

Thanks to this experience

During 2013, 2014 and 2015 our clients achieved, on average, growth of over 50% per annum and delighted their consumers with millions of transactional experiences fully localised to their point of purchase. We hope you like what we do and how we do it. Please talk to us, we can help you scale your business, enter new markets and delight consumers of your brand wherever you seek to engage them.