Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Kooomo warehouse management engine (WMS) is already linked to warehouses all over the world and it is also possible to integrate it with your own warehouse through file exchanges or API system integration.

Warehouse Management

Core Features

Manage warehouses

With Kooomo you can integrate, into the sale and delivery process, an unlimited number of warehouses in many different Countries, you can detect the closest warehouse with the geo-localization system in order to guarantee next day delivery. Kooomo also provides the feature “click and collect” with collection in stores for a fulfilling multichannel shopping experience

Multiple warehouses and warehouses per zone

Whether warehouses are owner operated, 3PL or part of our network, Kooomo can manage them all. Integration is extremely easy and is based on described standards tested on high volume of transactions

Manage warehouse in/out movements

Kooomo warehouse management system (WMS) allows you to have up to date information on the current stock levels in the different warehouses and thanks to the movements we can predict out of stock and adjust the stock accordingly

Suggested re-order

Reduce having out of stock issues with Kooomo alerting you to fast moving goods and low on hand items sku's through suggesting auto re-ordering alerts

Manage couriers and Price lists

Kooomo, thanks to its system being fully integrated with our Partners, allows you to select couriers, check price lists, verify the correspondence between displayed prices and invoices issued, prepare shipping labels and can optimize shipping costs according to couriers/Countries/volumetric weight


Kooomo provides an integrated system to set a return process to suit your profile, pre-print labels, reclassify stock on receipt, and manage credit notes and refunds. It also allows the warehouse to manage refunds and exchanges directly from the same interface

Platform Overview