“The Kooomo team has been a valuable and much needed support for the start up our E-commerce business. Always professional Kooomo has provided us with useful insights and improvements . There is still a lot of work to do together , but we strongly believe in this project and in a fruitful long-term collaboration.” Borsalino

Product Information Management
Multi-Channel Management

Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) or Catalogue Management is a growing challenge for retailers with a need to build a database with all the detailed information for different target markets, which have to be localized and translated, as well as different price lists according to the target countries.

Our detailed catalogue management tool allows you to store all the information needed to promote products in the countries of your choice, ensuring the correct geo-localization for the e-shop users and creating a customized message for every different marketplace.

The platform also allows you to add mandatory fields for marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and customized fields that make the database adaptable according to your purposes or future opportunities and needs.

Product Information Management

Core Features

International and Customized Product Information

Product descriptions available in many different languages, currencies and price lists as well as information customized according to final customers’ needs

Platform for your institutional website and for marketplaces

Possibility to feed your institutional website and extend your sales opportunity on eBay, Amazon and beyond by storing all the necessary information in a single database

Customized Fields

Create specific content according to your own data set or your processes for any product type


Take full control of your data thanks to the ability to import or export them in bulk or filter them for easy handling with presets for Google products, Criteo, and many more

Create Zones

Define which data can be seen in any given location, showing only products selected according to the geographical area, with their specific prices or images

Unlimited Category Tree

Assign products to multiple categories and in trees as deep as is required to allow the correct filtering options for your consumers

Multi warehouse and management of different retailers

Select different warehouses or retailers, such as franchisees or distributors, according to each different target market, in order to geo-localize the shopping experience, keeping all the information in the same database for a centralized management solution

Platform Overview