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Personalisation as one of the most important elements of branding strategies, and options that Kooomo provides in this segment.

An experience should be tailored like a hand made suit

Now that we’re living in the digital age, the ‘four Ps of marketing’ (product, price, place, promotion) have become five: personalisation. This means creating an online shopping experience that mirrors the offline one you can find in a shop. In-store sales teams can offer up products based on what they see, a customer’s appearance, and how they behave but also because they can have a conversation with them to find out what they are looking for. Doing this online means you need to have the right technology that delivers the data you need and provides the skills to interpret that data.

This is where Kooomo can help. With Kooomo everything is stored in the same database, data on where the customer lives (IP location), their local practices, their preferences in terms of language, currency, device type, delivery methods and also products added to the cart, selected size and colours, most seen products...

Kooomo holds the order history, so you know what users like, when they like it and the system allows you to tailor your promotions to them through the channels they engage with you (email, newsletter, social). The affect can be truly amazing; delivering an immediate uplift in sales and engendering long term relationships that deliver brand loyalty and lower the cost of sale.