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Our Team

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Our Team
Kooomo team is an enthusiastic, highly proficient, and extremely friendly group of eCommerce professionals.

This is the Kooomo team, or as many as are likely to be in one place at any given time, given that our offices are distributed around the world and our business and that of customers operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this group photo are our CEO and founder, the Heads of department for software development, client on boarding, merchandising and customer experience management and many members of their teams.

Above all, this is one team, with a combined experience of eCommerce and retail that is measured in the many hundreds of years. Our founder, Giovanni Meda, in the centre, launched this business 15 years ago and is the longest serving but many others have been with the business from its formative years. Whether new blood or old hand our structure is flat, everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their role in the business and for the resulting success of our clients. Each person is an innovator and encouraged to take an entrepreneurial approach to delivering our customers goals and to cork screw their way around challenges so that solutions are always found, to even the most complex issues and in a timely fashion. With Kooomo, everything is possible!

As you can see we are an extremely friendly group of people so if you would like to come along and get to know us we would love to meet you. A warm welcome to our Dublin headquarters awaits you, so please feel free to come and visit us.