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Omni-Channel Commerce

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Omni-Channel Commerce
Kooomo provides a unique omnichannel approach that allows you to integrate your online and offline resources into a single system.

Digital to enhance traditional channel

Modern companies need to be able to face competitive and crowded markets, so a coordinated offline/online strategy is needed. In this way they are able to access distant markets whilst keeping a consistent image and message in both the real and digital world. Kooomo translates omnichannel commerce in a single sale experience based on a broader and broader series of contacts with final consumers: video, mobile, tablet, physical shops, etc. The Kooomo platform can adapt graphics to every different channel, uses an open login system, utilises standard API system integration allowing an extremely easy transmission of information to different sale systems such as gift cards, fidelity cards, mobile apps, Token payment systems, etc. In this way your Company can easily start experiencing omnichannel commerce and make the most of it.