Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

At Kooomo we solve all the technology challenges associated with crossing borders and entering new markets but for many this only one part of that challenge.

How do you enter the new market? What are the local customs and practices? How do I translate all product information? Where will I hold my stock? How will I fulfil the order? Do I build a team to deliver the brand and the customer experience and how big should that team be?

Managed Services

So many operational challenges exist when new markets are opened or a global strategy deployed and these can lead to resource and skills challenges within the existing business. Our partnership program features some of the world's leading business process outsourcing companies and is already the chosen International eCommerce solution for many of the world's leading fashion and luxury brands. Whether you need a long term solution for international merchandising, logistics and customer experience management or just a launch service while you assess the size of the market opportunity and balance the risks involved, we have a partner that can scale your operations in the chosen markets. Our partners have experience and local knowledge of markets across Europe and Asia from Russia to Turkey to South Korea.

A summary of the services available

Digital marketing strategy

Let our partners establish your digital strategy and manage SEO/SEM/PPC and your affiliates

Fully managed service

They can take care of the full end-to-end process or provide just elements, as required, to support your strategy for growth

Project Management

They will take responsibility for your success; their project managers will lead the delivery and advise the best practice based on their many previous projects


Our partners have dozens of merchandisers operating on behalf of hundreds of brands in many countries of the world

Order Processing

Our partners not only create the product demand, but they can also fulfil the customer order or, alternatively, auto export the order through the Kooomo platform to your internal systems

Customer Service/Experience

Customer Experience Teams our partners possess are experienced and have the ability to communicate with your clients in number of languages, both in verbal and written communication.

Logistics and Distribution

Whether your global strategy is to hold stock yourself, through 3PL's or our network, we can get product to the consumer in ways that will delight and excite them and in packaging to enhance the brand


Let expert translation teams of our partners take responsibility for the translation of your product catalogue and institutional content