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International Commerce

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International Commerce
Kooomo eCommerce platform and its potential in international trade with glocal approach.
International Commerce

We are global, we act local

Kooomo is a versatile and efficient eCommerce platform based on a single system which manages all the processes. Different roles and authorisation levels can be set according to the location and the international markets in which the client operates as well as the Company’s own organization. It also allows you to create different graphics, discounts, promotions, prices, terms and conditions all based on the country or geographical region selected.

Thanks to these features, the Brands who choose Kooomo can manage the work of remote branches, distributors, or franchisees maintaining a unique Brand identity everywhere while still tailoring the customers experience at a local level. A single platform enables you to manage transactions, warehouses, invoices, and marketing initiatives at a local level.

The platform detects your consumers’ geo-location and delivers a personalised and local shopping experience wherever you choose to engage them.