eStores Platform


Grow your retail strategy with stores that work

Delivering market expansion at home and abroad, in existing markets as well as new ones

Whether you want a single website that translates to each of your target markets or several websites each specific to a target market or a brand, Kooomo platform will allow you to manage all these options from a single administration panel. Product information can be inserted in strategic sections of the eShop, between editorials and categories. Final customers will browse the eShop and find the items according to their real availability in the warehouses, always keeping in mind the commercial strategy of the brand.

Thanks to the geo-localisation of content, pricing and promotions and to the synchronised information about real time update of products availability in the warehouses, order management, deliveries, our eShops provide an extremely solid framework for your transactions and are already delighting millions of customers in 163 Countries with a seamless transaction experience.

There are no restrictions in the framework so design and creativity is limitless across the entire site. Some of the more significant features are...


Core Features


Mobile Friendly; Optimized for Speed and Usability across all devices and browsers

Easy Login

Account, Guest and Social Login. Credit card storage

Faceted Search

Filtering products by colour, price range, size and custom characteristics

Quick and Easy Check Out

Account and Guest checkout with easy order tracking

Customer engagement

Reviews and Product Ratings, Wish Lists, Send to Friend, Social Integration

Upsell and Cross sell

Related products, Most viewed products, Recently Viewed products

Powerful Product imaging

Tailored Image Zoom Plug in, Slide Shows, video and 360 degree imaging

Basket Recovery options

Automatic reminders (Cart Saving Emails) sent to users with items in their carts, Integration to customer loyalty platforms

Platform Overview