Content Systems


Content and customer journey: the perfect combination to generate customer satisfaction.

Kooomo provides a Content Management System (CMS) with many features, which allows you to combine corporate content and product information. This will increase the number of visits in your eShop, improve the traffic through SEO strategies and conversion rates.

The CMS is extremely easy to use and allows you to create content for each product/category/country, customising it by country and language.

Our CMS can be managed through the Admin Panel or our very easy to use import/export functions. Furthermore, contents can be linked to each other or to product information to feed marketing campaigns and promotional activities.


Core Features

Easily configurable content types

Align any and all content types to your eCommerce experience, combining your brand magic with transactions that will delight your customers

Link Content to Products

Make the consumer shopping experience easy with purchasing options linked directly to articles, news, brand, and seasonal promotions

Content by Country

As with product information, all digital content (images, videos, text) can be stored in all languages and presented to the final users through the geo-localization system, to ensure a localized experience for all your customers.

Link contents

Make your consumers’ journey varied, interesting, and intuitive by linking content across your site

Import/Export Contents

Populate your content quickly either through the User Interface (UI) or by import/export functions

Content by category/product

Control category headings and create promotional areas exclusive to your seasons and sales, according to the target market or the language

Users’ access management

Thanks to Kooomo access management system, different users can manage content, products, transactions, warehouses, and marketing in an independent way. You no longer have generic users with generic access: every person in the company and every Partner has customizable access according to their role.

Platform Overview