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Cloud Commerce

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Cloud Commerce
The advantages of our collaborative approach to eCommerce operations.

Customisation: without borders or boundaries

Kooomo takes care of converting the complexity of technology into an easy-to-use system...

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Agile Technology

Extensibility - Growing online

Kooomo provides an efficient instrument for companies who wish to grow by taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by the Internet. Thanks to our solution, costs are always kept under control and quality is maintained at a high and consistent level, regardless of the Company’s size, the marketing investment, and the sales. The Kooomo Team is dedicated to designing and maintaining stable systems as well as developing new concepts and ideas to make it constantly grow, while the Brand can focus on its core business and best growth strategy.

Flexibility - Customised solutions to meet your changing demands

The Brand’s distinctiveness takes shape through Kooomo because the company’s strategic partners can easily integrate with the platform. International graphics agencies, IT developers, call-centres and logistic companies can easily be added or replaced but the core of business transactions and consumers’ trust are always kept stable and solid. The platform incorporates a list of Partners who have already worked with our system and are integrated with it. You can easily choose a Partner to work on an existing project, keeping its origin, its history, and its goals. With such an open and flexible system you do not need to start all over again every time your Company changes its strategy.

Adaptability - Chameleon e-shop

Sometimes projects need to be presented with alternative graphics, according to the market in which the company operates. Products, data, languages, users, prices, and commercial policy can vary from country to country, so each e-store needs to be built differently. Kooomo can distribute this information on websites offering different graphics solutions and feeding marketplaces. Plus, the best Partners integrated with Kooomo can build the necessary tools to bring more traffic and sales.